For over 12 years I served as Creative Director for, a website spanning over 80 countries, 40 languages, and countless business units and stakeholders. Partnering with engineering, marketing and branding, our User Experience team would manage, design, test and deploy over a dozen site-wide redesigns for one of the world’s oldest and largest enterprises.

I oversaw the design and layout of all top-level templates and helped define the design language and visual standards for all webpages and web applications. In addition to my responsibilities as Global Creative Director, I would approve design exceptions and collaborate with our agency partners on a daily basis.

Project: v10-17 (2001-2015)

Creative Direction

Jefferson Florentino for programming, Marc W, Kim K for Art Direction

Part of my responsibilities would be to providing high level wireframes that communicate interaction or layouts for front end development and visual designers. A delicate balance had to be struct between enough detail and being too prescriptive.